"My mother used to say; 'If  you feel alone and lost, and desperately need to connect with someone, look up to the sky and wish to the stars, for they will guide your thoughts to where they belong".

A short brick-breaker based game about missing someone. Keep your hopes and wishes alive. Sometimes, it's okay to fall.


  • Mouse-prompted left/right click
  • Left click to progress
  • Right click to skip

15 Wishes for the Universe is my first game I made for MojikenCamp Internship Program for Mojiken Studio. It took 10 days from planning to releasing it from scratch. Inspired from unhealthy amount of time(s) spent on staring at sky illustrations on the internet (haha).

Thank you for playing, will appreciate any comments and feedbacks!

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love it!

the art, the music, the wishes... they feel so soft, love it!

It's good, nice BGM choice for the visual

I wish there are more gameplay like the star can split or some comet just passing by to make screen brighter or else, but so far it's good!

Thank you for the input kak!

Very nice work, buddy! :D the starry nights sure can evoke a one kind of sentimentality-!
I'm rather emotional lately but i certainly think that i got the atmosphere of this pianist must've felt, you've captured it with the dialogues so props!
Keep up doing wonderful work!

I can't believe you made an account to comment on this let me love y o u! Thank you for the comment!!

I thought you might post more works here so making an account is no biggie for the amount of work you've been putting :D
Keep on creatin' bucko 👍


Very clever take on the classic breakout game.  I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you so much for the feedback!